Current Project: VR experience on HTC Vive.

Latest play test video

Currently I’m working on an internal project (not for commercial use) for Legendary picture. Due to the NDA, here are the interesting things I can share about the project.

  • Game engine: Unreal Engine 4
  • Time: 4 months
  • Platforms: HTC Vive, prototyped on Oculus rift DK2, Google Tango tablet, Razor Hydra controller.
  • What I have learned about programming for a high-resolution VR experience in Unreal Engine 4
    • A powerful PC is necessary
    • Make good use of Epic’s VR demos, especially the render configurations
    • Optimization is critical, pre-bake all static objects in the scene, use proper environment design to block user’s visual fields and make sure they just see what is important in the scene
  • In designing the experience, some interesting features in VR experience are considered
    • Eye contact with characters in the world
    • Big size contrast between player and characters in the world
    • Use natural walking movement but with a moving scale slightly bigger than real world.

My game in Global Game Jam 2016!

Global Game Jam: 48 hours, make a game.

Junk food pilgrimage

—an online multiplayer endless runner

Update: Available in Google Play!

  • Theme: Ritual
  • Time: 48 hours
  • Platform: Mobile, PC, Web
  • Game engine: Unity

So what is this game? Basically, you choose to be an Oreo or Kit Kat, you roll forward or jump forward, and you race against all the other players in the same time. You can see other Oreos crash and other Kit Kats breaking into pieces beside you.

Some feedbacks from our play testers:

In two days and you made a MMO?! That’s awesome!

It sure looks delicious, and that challenging feeling makes me just wanna sit down and try again.

The smooth environment animation is pretty cool, I hope more players are playing this in the same time so I can see people dying next to me.

We are currently keeping making this game into App Store and Google Play markets.

My Projects in Building Virtual Worlds 2015.

Building Virtual Worlds(BVW) is about creating a new world in two weeks or even one week. Typically the world will be a game or experience that focus on a certain theme. Every year of BVW, every student will create 5 worlds in 10 weeks. The most cutting edge platforms are being used in BVW, some examples in 2015: Oculus Rift DK2, Leap Motion, Myo armband, Microsoft Kinect 2.

And here are my projects from BVW 2015.

CRAZIEST world: Unibutt, a rainbow-propulsion unicorn’s journey

  • Theme: Have FUN
  • Time: One week
  • Platform: A halloween costume with a big fat butt


Story-telling world: Love story, girls chase boys chase girls

  • Theme: Tell a story.
  • Time: 3 weeks, however we started over at end of week 2. So this world is done in one week.
  • Platform: A home made touch pad, connected to computer by Makey Makey.


VR hand gesture controlled world: Jenga Hero

  • Theme: Freedom, indirect control
  • Time: Two weeks
  • Platform: Oculus rift DK2, Leap Motion


Halloween-Christmas Hologram experience: Summon Santa

  • Theme: BVW Festival, an experience suitable for multiple players in the same space
  • Time: Two weeks
  • Platform: A 60-inch TV, a DIY hologram pyramid made with acrylic, and Christmas themed decorations.


Body gesture controlled world: Help flipkinstein

  • Theme: Help character A to defeat character B
  • Time: Two weeks
  • Platform: Kinect