Latest play test video

Currently I’m working on an internal project (not for commercial use) for Legendary picture. Due to the NDA, here are the interesting things I can share about the project.

  • Game engine: Unreal Engine 4
  • Time: 4 months
  • Platforms: HTC Vive, prototyped on Oculus rift DK2, Google Tango tablet, Razor Hydra controller.
  • What I have learned about programming for a high-resolution VR experience in Unreal Engine 4
    • A powerful PC is necessary
    • Make good use of Epic’s VR demos, especially the render configurations
    • Optimization is critical, pre-bake all static objects in the scene, use proper environment design to block user’s visual fields and make sure they just see what is important in the scene
  • In designing the experience, some interesting features in VR experience are considered
    • Eye contact with characters in the world
    • Big size contrast between player and characters in the world
    • Use natural walking movement but with a moving scale slightly bigger than real world.
Current Project: VR experience on HTC Vive.

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