Global Game Jam: 48 hours, make a game.

Junk food pilgrimage

—an online multiplayer endless runner

Update: Available in Google Play!

  • Theme: Ritual
  • Time: 48 hours
  • Platform: Mobile, PC, Web
  • Game engine: Unity

So what is this game? Basically, you choose to be an Oreo or Kit Kat, you roll forward or jump forward, and you race against all the other players in the same time. You can see other Oreos crash and other Kit Kats breaking into pieces beside you.

Some feedbacks from our play testers:

In two days and you made a MMO?! That’s awesome!

It sure looks delicious, and that challenging feeling makes me just wanna sit down and try again.

The smooth environment animation is pretty cool, I hope more players are playing this in the same time so I can see people dying next to me.

We are currently keeping making this game into App Store and Google Play markets.

My game in Global Game Jam 2016!

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