Building Virtual Worlds(BVW) is about creating a new world in two weeks or even one week. Typically the world will be a game or experience that focus on a certain theme. Every year of BVW, every student will create 5 worlds in 10 weeks. The most cutting edge platforms are being used in BVW, some examples in 2015: Oculus Rift DK2, Leap Motion, Myo armband, Microsoft Kinect 2.

And here are my projects from BVW 2015.

CRAZIEST world: Unibutt, a rainbow-propulsion unicorn’s journey

  • Theme: Have FUN
  • Time: One week
  • Platform: A halloween costume with a big fat butt


Story-telling world: Love story, girls chase boys chase girls

  • Theme: Tell a story.
  • Time: 3 weeks, however we started over at end of week 2. So this world is done in one week.
  • Platform: A home made touch pad, connected to computer by Makey Makey.


VR hand gesture controlled world: Jenga Hero

  • Theme: Freedom, indirect control
  • Time: Two weeks
  • Platform: Oculus rift DK2, Leap Motion


Halloween-Christmas Hologram experience: Summon Santa

  • Theme: BVW Festival, an experience suitable for multiple players in the same space
  • Time: Two weeks
  • Platform: A 60-inch TV, a DIY hologram pyramid made with acrylic, and Christmas¬†themed decorations.


Body gesture controlled world: Help flipkinstein

  • Theme: Help character A to defeat character B
  • Time: Two weeks
  • Platform: Kinect


My Projects in Building Virtual Worlds 2015.

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